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We want “Swing” to be fun we want people to be excited at the thought of receiving a package from Swing.

Golf is a funny sport some days it can be an intense form of torture other days it is pure joy, you can have the worst round on a beautiful spring day or the best day on a windy cold winters afternoon, all depending on how well that little white ball is coming off the face of your club.

A large part of the game is anticipation and preparation this is where we come in, we want to provide solutions to your golfing problems to make your game enjoyable whether you have just broken par for the first time or regularly shoot over 100.

Swing was established to fill a gap in the golfing accessories landscape there are plenty of places you can go to buy clubs and balls, putters and shoes but we want to offer the next idea the thing that a golfer thinks, mmmmm I wish I had a widget that could better tighten the cover of my whatsit. Swing have designed some of the best putting training aids for sale, and incredible motorised golf buggies to help you through your rounds easily!

Swing is proudly Australian owned and operated.

Keep an eye on us you never know what you might find.


The Swing difference...

Innovative Design

The MC303RS is the latest incarnation in a long line of electric golf buggies, years of research and development have allowed us to deliver a simple yet robust light weight buggy, that’s easy to use and easy to transport.

Easy to use

The MC303RS is simple to use it is controlled from a remote control that allows you to change speed, direction with one touch. The buggy also folds down via a simple 2 step process.

Save time & Money

The MC303RS we believe is the best value for money golf trolley available in Australia. All accessories such as drink holders, Sand Bucket holder, etc are all included in the one low price. Delivery is free anywhere in Australia.


Swingstore’s newest putting aid, the A330, has completely changed my confidence on the green. From a consistent three to four putter, I now have the correct technique to hole my birdie/par putts. My three putt days are long gone and my handicap is heading towards single figures quickly.

Jarrad Wright

It doesn’t take a lot of time I used it maybe 4 times for maybe half an hour each time and I noticed the difference on course. Really I had no clue, after using the A330 I’m still not the worlds best putter but I do have some idea where the ball is going.

Stephen Brown

I think the A330 is the best putting aide on the market, it seems to actually do something.

Jason Viola

A quick update on the buggy – in short, bloody GREAT!!! Really enjoying it and have played better golf on every round – must be the extra time to assess the shot walking to the ball?? – don’t know but it is working mate!

Vim Queensland

Buggy is going bloody great mate! Have been a member at Bribie Island Golf Club and play a little at Pelucan Watets Golf Club as well - both relatively flat courses. I thought I may struggle with the heat just now but the buggy makes all the difference mate - it's a winner!!


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