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Swing Putt Bundle

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The Swing Putt Bundle combines two amazing putting products;
Swing Pressure Putt & Swing A330 Training Aid
Putting is a funny old thing isn’t it just when you think you have it all worked out you realise you haven’t. The one thing we do know is that if you putt too much with your hands and not with the big muscles in your shoulders you will never be a consistent putter.


Product Description

Swing Pressure Putt & Swing A330 Training Aid

Swing A330
The first thing you will notice with the A330, is that it straightens you up and that your eye-line is immediately drawn in line and over the ball. Its also difficult to be too open or closed with the A330.

Heres what some of our customers had to say about the Swing A330 putting Aid. 

“I have a tendency to get very open with my putting stroke as a consequence I push a lot of putts out to the right. The A330 fixed this within a couple of sessions, I can still get too open through the shoulders but I know when I am doing it now and can fix it.”

“I was hopeless inside 3 feet because I was putting with my hands so I had no consistency of swing plane.”

“I truly believe I am saving ten putts per round, I still have the occasional 3 putt but its rare.”

“I think it’s the best putting aide on the market, it seems to actually do something.”

“It doesn’t take a lot of time I used it maybe 4 times for maybe half an hour each time and I really noticed the difference on course”

“Really I had no clue, after using the A330 I’m still not the worlds best putter but I do have some idea where the ball is going.”

Swing Pressure Putt.
Practice more, putt less.
Work on your putting at home or in the office and see the results on the putting green.
It’s simple, it’s light, it packs away to nothing and takes seconds to set up and it improves your putting.

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